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No longer do you need to have an astronomical marketing budget, or sit on the sidelines while your competition outspends you on marketing.

We’re changing the marketing game

Let us show you how easy it works.

Pay Only For What
You Want

Stop accepting bloated marketing packages that offer little results and have a hefty cost. Only pay for the campaigns you want to use.

Get Started in Minutes, Not Months

When times are tough and finances low, you can't wait. You need ROI fast! Our team begins working on your campaign on day one.

A Fraction of the Cost of Agencies

You can easily save thousands of dollars monthly by using nichepractice to implement cost-effective, practice marketing solutions.


Why choose a niche?

Most doctors try to be everything to everyone – treat every problem, offer every service, and appeal to every demographic. They believe that this approach will attract more new patients and earn more money. But what happens when you do it all? You are suddenly in competition with everyone.

Choosing a niche will target your ideal patient base, build your reputation as the Go-To-Expert in your community and create financial success.  Nichepractice provides many practice niches for you to choose:
Target customers

Still Perform All Services

By targeting a niche audience, you are not taking away from all the other services you perform. You are just highlighting what you do best.

Position Yourself as an Expert

Why? Because you can perform more treatment, sell more services, attract more new clients and become more profitable.

What if I Don't Want a Niche?

If you decide you do not need a niche, you can still use our campaign marketplace to successfully grow your practice.


Turn Your Passion Into Profit

“Your selection of a niche should reflect on the work you feel most passionate about. If your chosen niche doesn’t excite you, your lack of enthusiasm is bound to show. Becoming highly profitable while focusing on the work you find most enjoyable and love to do is the definition of success.

What Makes Nichepractice Different

We Level the Playing Field

We provide small and medium sized practices with the marketing solutions afforded mostly by the bigger practice's and organizations.

You Take Control of Your Marketing

You know your practice best. Choose a goal or campaign then we will implement it for you and get you the best results.

Expect More Value From Our Services

Expect high quality marketing, a faster delivery of solutions, no contracts, more transparency and accountability.

No Marketing Experience Needed

Go from knowing nothing about marketing to executing sophisticated digital marketing solutions.

No Budget ($).
No Problem

The good news is, we offer plenty of campaigns for you to market yourself to your customers without spending much money.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are not fully satisfied with the campaign purchased, then we will refund your money in full.

Don't just take our word for it...

Join hundreds of doctors who use nichepractice to implement professional dental marketing campaigns without hiring agencies or breaking the bank

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Content that is targeted towards specific needs, and makes you an

John Doe
John Doe
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NichePractice is one of the best dental marketing teams I have ever worked with. Walked me through the process step by step and put my dental practice back in charge of it’s own marketing.


Interact with your audience and customers on social media by creating a captivating contest. Contests and giveaways are great ways to raise brand awareness and build an engaged community around your practice. With over 10 different contests to choose from, all you have to do is provide the incentive. We’ll do the rest!

Dr. Tyler Ford completed his marketing campaigns and reached his goal of generating $150,000 in just four months by using nichepractice. Learn how he did it and how you can too.