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Dental marketing has never been easier or quicker. In under 10 minutes, you can take a short quiz, get a free marketing strategy and purchase your recommended campaigns. We’ll handle the rest! 

A Unique Approach to Dental Marketing

Nichepractice has teamed up with the top marketing consultants in dentistry to create a library of professional marketing campaigns to help you solve your practice problems.

Choose any of these campaigns yourself and our team of experts will successfully execute them for you! But wait! We don’t want guesswork. With our Free Marketing Strategy you get a precise,  what-to-do list of the right marketing campaigns to select in order to attract new patients and achieve your practice goals.
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Only Pay for What
You Want

Stop taking bloated marketing packages that offer little results and suffer a hefty cost. Only pay for the campaigns you genuinely want to use.

Get Started in Minutes,
Not Months

When times are tough, and finances are low, you can't wait. You need ROI fast! Our talented team promptly begins working on your campaign on day one.

A Fraction of
the Cost

Say goodbye to inflated agency prices. Save thousands of dollars monthly by using nichepractice to implement cost-effective marketing solutions.

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Why a Niche?

Most doctors try to be everything to everyone. They treat every problem and offer every procedure in the attempt to appeal to as many people as possible. They are not focused on who their target audience is, so they target “everyone” in their marketing and hope for a big response.  

Choosing a niche will precisely target your ideal patient base, secure your reputation as the Go-To-Expert in your community, and help you stand above the competition.

Target customers

Still Perform All Services

By precisely targeting a niche audience, you are not taking away from the other services you perform. You are just highlighting what you do best.

Position Yourself as an Expert

Why? Because you can perform more treatments, sell more services, attract new clients, and become much more profitable.

What if I Don't Want a Niche?

If you decide you do not need a niche, no problem. You can still use our campaign marketplace to grow your practice and become profitable.

What Makes Nichepractice Different

Playing Field

We reliably provide small and medium-sized practices marketing solutions usually only afforded by the bigger practices or organizations.

No Marketing Experience Needed

You know your practice best. Choose a goal or campaign then we will properly implement it for you and obtain the ideal results.

More Value From Our Services

Expect high-quality marketing, fast delivery solutions, no contracts, more transparency, and accountability.

Marketing Convenience

Manage all of your practice marketing online - from the convenience of your home or office.


No hidden fees, just clear, up-front pricing so you can make smart choices with your budget.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the campaign purchased, we will refund your money in full.
Get a Free Marketing Strategy

Do you have a rock-solid plan in place to become more successful? If not, answer a few questions and we'll provide you with a strategy and action plan (list of marketing campaigns) that tells you EXACTLY what you need to achieve your goals. Purchase the campaigns of your choice and your marketing will begin immediately.

Join hundreds of doctors who use nichepractice to efficiently implement professional dental marketing campaigns without hiring agencies or breaking the bank.

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Dr. Tyler Ford completed his marketing campaigns and reached his goal of generating $150,000 in just four months by using nichepractice. Learn how he did it and how you can too.