Niche Marketing for Dentists

Now I Can Do It Myself!

Join hundreds of doctors using the nichepractice platform to do their own marketing, without hiring an expert or expensive agency.

Become the Leader in Your Niche Market

As they say in business, to be successful, you have to find that one thing you do best. Our niche marketing platform will mostly focus on the one procedure or piece of equipment that generates the most profit for your practice.

So, if you want to increase the number of dental implants you place, or perform more procedures with your dental laser, nichepractice aims to maximize that revenue, get you a substantial ROI for your equipment and position you as the expert in your field.

Take Charge of Your Dental Marketing

Nichepractice will guide you through strategic tasks to help you achieve your niche marketing goals. Each task includes step-by-step instructions to walk you or your team through the process. You will be able to:

  • Request positive reviews
  • Optimize for search
  • Promote your blog
  • Create social posts
  • Monitor key metrics
  • Send email campaigns
  • Run a promotion
  • Track your visitor traffic

Choose From Our Many Dental Niches

Selecting a niche specialty for your practice does not take away from all your other profitable services you perform. It just allows you to concentrate your marketing on one treatment service more than others resulting in higher engagement and greater profits for you.

  • Same Day Crowns
  • Invisible Braces
  • Sleep Apnea

Take Advantage of the Industry’s Most Up-To-Date Marketing Tools

Online Reviews

Instantly request positive feedback from satisfied patients.

Email Marketing

Provide patient with health tips, exclusive promotions, and more

Business Citations

List your practice location to over 70+ online directory listings.

Expert Branding

Influence opinion and build your reputation as an expert.

New Patient Package

Send a series of emails to welcome and engage your new patients.

Social Media

Build your followers and position yourself as an expert in your niche.


Bring your practice to the top of the search engines.

Online Promotions

Offer time-sensitive, online promotions for instant revenue.


The quickest, most effective way to get new patients, STAT.

Two Powerful Platforms


Be hands-on and manage you marketing with this cost friendly solution. Even if you have never marketed your practice before, our easy to follow instructions guide you in growing your practice and becoming more profitable.


Affordable and effective full-service dental marketing lets you focus on running a great practice by leaving your marketing in our expert hands. Stop overpaying for expensive ad agencies and ineffective campaigns.

Love What You Do... and Be Successful Doing It

Choosing a niche for your dental practice should reflect your passion. It shouldn’t be driven solely by financials or the hole it fills in your community. If your chosen niche doesn’t excite you, your lack of enthusiasm is bound to show. Becoming highly profitable while focusing on the work you love is the definition of success! NichePractice will help you get there.

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What Doctors Say About Nichepractice…

My practice has more patients than ever.

There is no telling how much faster my practice would have grown. It’s amazing what your marketing has done for my practice growth and revenue. Thanks.

Dr. J Helmes DDS

Marketing has brought our team together.

Now, that I have used your services, I have been telling every doctor I know as well. They will be thanking me as they see their practice grow.

Dr. R Ganske DMD

Practice revenue has increased 30%.

I became certified in Implant Dentistry then started using nichepractice. In just 3 months, I have quadrupled the # of implants placed.

Dr. P Engels DDS

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