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We’re changing the marketing game

Nichepractice is an innovative, new marketing platform designed to revolutionize the way doctors market their practice. No longer do you need to rely on marketing agencies, have an astronomical marketing budget, or sit on the sidelines while your competition outspends you on  marketing.

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Choose from over 60 campaigns

Implement agency quality marketing campaigns developed by expert marketers from your industry. 

Launch a campaign in minutes

Our campaigns are ready-to go with the content, strategy and the implementation needed to reach your audience.

No marketing experience required

Go from knowing nothing about marketing to creating and implementing a sophisticated digital marketing solution for your practice.

Why a Niche?

Most Doctors Try to be Everything to Everyone

They treat every problem and offer every procedure in the attempt to appeal to as many people as possible. Focusing on a niche makes it far easier to target your ideal customer base and position yourself as an expert in your field. You will stand out from your competition, build credibility and trust, and become financially successful.

Become the recognized expert in your niche

Nichepractice offers many turnkey dental niches that can help you beat the competition, become highly profitable and establish your reputation as an expert in your field:

Become more successful with a niche

By targeting a niche audience, nichepractice does not take away from marketing all the other services that you perform. It just lets you highlight what you do best.

Turn your passion into profit

Your selection of a niche should reflect on the work you feel most passionate about. If your chosen niche excites you, your enthusiasm is bound to show.

What if I don't want a niche?

If you decide you do not need a niche, you can still use nichepractice marketing campaigns to successfully grow your practice. 

What can you expect from using nichepractice?

Marketing control

Choose the campaigns you feel are needed for your practice.

Expert status

The secret to success is being recognized as an expert.


Targeting your audience leads to more profits and higher engagement.

Less competition

Being unique and meeting patients needs will set yourself apart.

Reduced marketing costs

Nichepractice is a fraction of the cost of agencies.

More new patients

Drive more leads and traffic to your website.

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