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Teaming up with the top marketing experts in your industry to create a library of professional marketing campaigns to help you solve your practice problems? Now imagine being able to implement these campaigns yourself – with no marketing experience at all and without any worry of breaking the budget? With nichepractice, it is now a reality. 

our values
love what you do...

and be successful doing it!

Your selection of a niche should reflect on the work you feel most passionate about. If your chosen niche doesn’t excite you, your lack of enthusiasm is bound to show. Becoming highly profitable while focusing on the work you find most enjoyable and love to do is the definition of success.

how it all began...

I have spent more than 25 years as a dentist and business owner constantly looking for ways to improve practice productivity and revenue. I have watched my overhead continue to rise while profits were shrinking. I compensated by seeing more patients, offering more services, and extending my office hours. I had less time in my life for myself and my family and the passion and joy of practicing dentistry was fading. Something needed to change!

created by doctors

With doctors behind the creation of nichepractice, we understand the difficulties of increasing revenue in a more competitive market. Overhead costs are high enough, competition is fierce, agency fees are exhorbant and many of the established players and groups are dominating the marketing space. We’ve built nichepractice so that small to medium sized practices have the marketing tools and capability usually reserved for larger competitors – at a fraction of the cost.

our team

Nichepractice is composed of a team of over 25 professionals with an obsession for helping your practice and your professional career become a success. Our core mission is to improve every practice we touch and our strategy is to give our clients measurable results. 

Why Our Clients Work With Us

Nichepractice provides doctors with an innovative, ready-to-use marketing solution to take advantage of the many profitable practice niches within their industry. The simplicity of getting started and the speed with which they can get ahead of the competition and start earning profits makes nichepractice one of the best and most affordable marketing tools for doctors.

We Save Doctors Time

Many of our clients are single practitioners and specialists who are too busy with daily operations to commit full time to a new idea or project. 

We are Experts

Our clients value our team members' specialized experience and insight. 

We are Objective

Our clients derive value from the fresh and impartial recommendations we share.

We are Creative

Our clients see us as their innovation partners.

We Execute Quickly

Our clients know we can execute projects more effectively and with urgency.

We Reduce Costs

Our clients can get results without the hefty overhead costs of an agency.