We Built Nichepractice to Empower Dentists

We believe every dentist deserves the chance to become successful by making digital marketing both affordable and  accessible to those without the knowledge or budget for marketing.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower doctors to take control of their practice marketing and provide them with the same, if not more, of the services offered by the more expensive marketing agencies – at a fraction of the cost.

The Industry Today

The gap between corporate dentistry and small-medium practices is growing. Heavily funded practices are thriving, investing in innovation and opening new locations at an increasing pace, while the marketing and growth opportunity of small/medium practices is shrinking, competition is increasing and doctors are under intense pressure to find affordable marketing solutions so that they can compete.


Who We Are

Nichepractice is composed of a team of over 45 marketing professionals with an obsession for helping your practice and your professional career become a success. Our core value is to improve every practice we touch and give our clients measurable results.

My Story

It is almost impossible for a practice to grow today without investing in marketing and that creates a very uneven playing field; practices with the finance to employ a professional marketer, or outsource this important function to a professional agency, undoubtedly do better than those who go without.

This insight led me to launch Nichepractice, an online platform that takes the guesswork out of digital marketing for small businesses across the nation. Nichepractice aims to help doctors grow by providing the latest and most relevant digital marketing campaigns and team of marketing experts to execute their chosen marketing strategies. No big budget needed. No marketing experience needed thanks to our intuitive marketing quiz. This is marketing everyone can achieve.