David Engelsberg DDS

CEO Nichepractice

“If we can be honest with ourselves, most of us would look back at our careers and realize that our passion to become doctors has been taken over by the business aspect of running a practice…”

The Story of Nichepractice

I have spent more than 25 years as a dentist and business owner constantly looking for ways to improve practice productivity and revenue. I have watched my overhead continue to rise while profits have shrunk. I compensated by seeing more patients, offering more services, and extending my office hours. I had less time in my life for myself and my family and the passion and joy of practicing dentistry faded.


I asked myself what I enjoyed most as a dentist. After some reflection, I thought about Cosmetic Dentistry. It served the needs of my patient base and it was very profitable for my practice. I also enjoyed doing it very much. I decided to rebrand myself as a cosmetic expert.


I reached out to multiple digital marketing agencies throughout my journey but I was shocked to find so many of the solutions available were over-complicated, expensive and required months to implement. I had no idea how and where my marketing dollars were being spent. I said to myself, “Why can’t someone develop an effective, all-in-one marketing software that focuses on a specific niche, is easy to use, inexpensive, and allows me to be in control of my money and marketing?”


I realized that I wanted to be that “someone” and set out to build nichepractice.


Since that time, nichepractice has grown into a fast-growing platform for dentists. It has expanded its features to include reputation management, email marketing, social media, and more.


The nichepractice team includes dentists, leading experts in marketing, content management and digital media.

What Makes Us Different


Up to 80% less expensive than most agencies.

No Contract

No annual contracts. Pay by the month.


It's simple to use and takes minutes to set up.


We gain clients' trust by making all our content visible.


No computer or marketing experience needed.

All-In-One Marketing

No need to use other companies for marketing.