12-Month Online Practice Marketing Solution

Simple Steps for Marketing Success

Our annual marketing plan was created to help you in your practice marketing efforts and will guide you throughout the year. Follow the campaigns and tasks to achieve marketing success. Each campaign implements solutions that:

• Developing your business brand
• Hiring your marketing team
• How-to tips on public relations and special events
• Recommendations for online marketing and social media strategies • Best practices for community outreach

• Marketing tools and resources to help you

Each campaign provides the tasks, tips, tactics, resources and marketing tools – to make it easier to establish and sustain a strong marketing program.

Each recipe includes a list of tasks – the resources you’ll need to achieve your marketing goals – and step-by-step directions for how to use them. Where applicable, we also direct you to related resources online. 

How the Program Works

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Nichepractice will provide critical marketing support of your products and services beyond the initial sale, enabling your clients to generate instant ROI from their equipment purchase.

Each Month Your Account Receives a New Campaign

Our marketing team can work with your company to create the branded marketing content, strategy and campaigns for your clients based on the products or services you sell.

Follow Your Checklist to Achieve Practice Success

Show your clients that your commitment to their business extends far beyond the initial sale. Distinguish yourself more than just a vendor by focusing on the lifetime value of your clients.

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