Build and Maintain Your Reputation

Send eye-catching email campaigns proven to generate new leads, retain existing patients and drive traffic to your website.

Professional Campaigns Built for Your Niche and Practice

Your marketing checklist will tell you exactly which email to use and what steps you need to take to run a successful campaign.

Add a Personalized Touch to your Branded Emails

Customize your emails, preview them, and send test emails. Use our powerful email editor to add a personalized touch for your patients.

Optimize for Mobile

With more than half of emails now opened on mobile devices, your emails are designed to be responsive and look good on any screen.

Analyze Your Campaign Performance

Get insight into your marketing data to see how well your campaigns are performing.

"Welcome to the Practice"

Once you get off the phone after scheduling a new patient an appointment, use one of our many different welcome email templates to send them a beautifully designed Welcome Package that provides a practice overview, the doctor’s bio, covid update, or a list of valued services.

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