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Get Results from Every Email you Send

Gain access to a wide array of email marketing templates to suit your practice and patient needs.

  • Boost revenue by offering special promotions
  • Nurture patients until they are ready to receive treatment
  • Encourage patients to refer their friends and family to you
  • Communicate and build your brand image and expertise
  • Foster engagement and relationships with your patients

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Your marketing checklist will tell you exactly which email to use and what steps you need to take to run a successful campaign.

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Customize your emails, preview them, and send test emails. Use our powerful email editor to add a personalized touch for your patients.

Measure Data In Real-Time

Get insights into your marketing data to see how well your campaigns are performing.

Make a Great First Impression

Once you get off the phone after scheduling a new patient an appointment, instantly send them a beautifully designed Welcome Email Package that provides a practice overview, the doctor’s bio, and a list of valued services.

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