Expensive Medical & Dental Equipment & the Lack of Marketing Materials


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When you’re shopping for new technology for your medical or dental practice, it’s easy to get excited about the future and how the latest and greatest tech can help your practice succeed. Having innovative ways to help your patients is exciting! You may get sold on the vision of your practice as cutting edge, the best in your area. In your visions, your practice will grow just by having this new equipment. You may even be tempted to think that shiny new medical equipment can bring in new patients all by itself.

Sadly, new technology alone isn’t enough to grow your practice.

Let’s see how it plays out.

Your equipment gets delivered and unpacked, all set up and tested, and ready to go… Now what? Sure, you learn how to use it, but how does that help you get more patients and grow your practice? Most medical and dental equipment manufacturers won’t provide you with marketing materials that will get your telephone to ring and help you recoup your investment. How can you get the word out about this amazing new equipment and your equally impressive skill in using it?

If you lack the time to create a solid marketing solution for your medical or dental practice, not to worry!

There are trained professionals who can leverage that shiny new equipment into a marketing strategy that will show results. Use this new equipment to your advantage and get the word out about it. You can increase the ROI of your new laser or imaging system by using some of these professional tricks.

Lack of Marketing Materials
Lack of Marketing Materials

● You’re the expert.

Having the newest technology also means that you’re up to date with all the latest techniques and procedures. This makes potential patients have more trust in you as a professional, so show off your new equipment to be an expert in your field.

● Be cutting edge.

People are obsessed with having the newest and best technology in every aspect of their lives now, and their medical and dental care is no exception. If you’re the one doctor or dentist in the area known for having the best technology, you’ll get more patients.

 Stay in the press.

Why not tell everybody about your shiny new technology in the news? You can write press releases announcing your new equipment and talking about all the wonderful ways it can save your patients money, pain, and recovery time. Share your news with the world via social media to spread the word.

● Show it off.

Nobody wants to see the same old stock photography of some generic gray-haired doctor carrying a clipboard for no reason. Get professional shots of your actual practice, including your shiny new laser! Let the technology be the star in your marketing materials.

These little tips can go a long way toward getting your practice out there online and in real life, but you need to get a professional digital marketing team to really see results. They can take all these elements and combine them in a marketing strategy that will show off your medical equipment and put your practice on the map!

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