If you are familiar with the concept of the different types of niches with dentistry, you may be considering establishing a particular area of focus for your practice. While there are several factors which can help you determine the right niche for your dental practice, regardless of the direction, there are multiple advantages to niche marketing for dental practices.


Five Advantages of a Dental Practice Niche


Less Competition. General dental practices are plentiful, and while it is likely patients can get a number of procedures done under one roof, for the dentists, it can become tricky to stand out when everyone is offering the same types of service. However, establishing your practice as a specialist for laser dentistry when others are not, allows you to position your dental practice in such a way that differentiates you from other local dentists.


Obtain a Greater Level of Expertise. Like with any area of study or skill, the more narrow your focus, the easier it is to enhance your level of understanding and achieve a greater level of mastery, sometimes in a shorter period of time. As with the prior example, a dentist exposed to four or five laser dental patients in a day garners more experience and on-the-job know-how compared to the dentist seeing four to five laser dental patients in a month.


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More Word-of-Mouth Marketing. Continuing with the above example, the laser dental niche dentist is also building an increasingly larger docket of patient references out in the community who can speak to this dentist’s abilities. Having this many advocates, whether encouraged through a formal patient referral program or not, not only increases an awareness level amongst those in the area for this dentist as the “go-to,” but also the distinct advantage of trust that comes with the first-hand experiences of actual patients. This is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and one that general dentists can find challenging to compete with.   


Enhanced Visibility. In addition to the word-of-mouth groundswell created by the laser dental niche in the example, incorporating this into other marketing and communications channels will not only further reinforce and amplify the message, but also help the practice stand out in the community, both online and offline, as the dental practice excelling in this area when compared to other generalists without this clear of a focus.


Increased Profit Margins. The opportunity for a dental practice that is the “go-to” for laser procedures by establishing an expertise and incorporating it into it’s messaging will help the practice achieve a larger share of the local market for a more expensive and highly specialized procedure for a lower advertising cost over the course of time. The combination of lower costs and a growing number of patients will help achieve better margins. This growth can open up the possibility of hiring more dental experts, allowing for the opportunity to expand into, and dominate more niches and achieve greater profits.