You’ve done the hard work and assessed your dental practice’s capabilities and you understand the make-up and needs of your addressable market. Now that you’ve chosen a specific niche for your dental practice to focus on with the hopes of positioning your practice as the best and more well-known provider for your niche procedure(s).


Now you might be asking yourself, “what now?” The answer: it’s time to start marketing your dental practice’s particular niche.


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How to Market Your Dental Practice Niche


Update Your Website


Start by updating your dental practice’s website. Consider adding text to your homepage that speaks to your particular niche(s). Also, try to develop a separate web page that speaks to the procedure in greater detail, including any and all special qualifications/certifications as well as information on how many of these niche procedures your practice has performed as well as any state-of-the-art technology or tools your practice utilizes as part of the procedure.


Spread the Word on Social


It goes without saying, crafting social media posts about your niche are an easy way to inform your followers. Try to think about different creative ways to share a niche-related update such as, featuring a question and answer about the procedure, highlight a customer testimonial, communicate a specific benefit of the procedure along with the more direct, “get a free consult,” or “book your appointment, today!”


Educate Through Email


Email is one of the most effective means of communicating directly to your customers or prospects. Much like your social media posts, try to educate and inform your email recipients before pushing a hard “sale.”


A good practice to follow would be to think about a three of four message sequence where each individual email in the sequence includes a specific content tied to a different goal, wherein your initial message informs the audience of the procedure and explains more about it, the second highlights benefits and includes a happy patient quote, a third message provides some FAQs and answers with an option to call the office with other questions, and the fourth message offers recipients the opportunity to request a free consultation.


Regardless of the approach you choose to employ, respect your audience’s inbox by keeping your marketing or sales-oriented email communications to a manageable level. We suggest distributing no more than two marketing emails in any single month.


Leverage Your Patients


Your patients, whether new or long-standing, are vital to marketing your dental practice niche.


Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing, regardless of industry or business use-case. For years, studies have shown how much more likely prospects convert into customers when referred or influenced by a family member, friend, colleague or other trusted connection.


In addition, scalability is inherently built into the growing social proof. Your local reputation as the leader in your dental practice niche will build as you continue to perform more procedures and acquire more patient advocates endorsing your skills. The continuous cycle helps fuel momentum for more patients and can further affirm your position as the “go-to” practice for your particular dental niche.


Taking full advantage of your dental practice patient list with the goal of converting them into your advocates takes some work. Providing excellent care is paramount, and serves as the foundation. Next, the in-office experience should be as pleasant and pain-free as possible. This includes check-in processes, appearance and comfort of waiting rooms and professionalism and courteousness of staff. Lastly, in addition to the pre-appointment reminder email, phone call or text messages, consider asking your patient for an online review before they leave and/or invite them to participate in a referral program via a post-appointment email.


Don’t Forget Google


Did you know Google allows you to add up to 10 additional ‘sub categories’ to your Google My Business business profile? Be sure and take advantage and include your niche procedures here. If you don’t see your particular niche in the pre-populated options, you can simply manually add to your list. This will help increase the chances for your business’ profile to show up in search engine results when local individuals are looking online.


Expand Your Expertise


After completing the aforementioned basic website updates, your website’s blog serves as a forum for you to share more specific and detailed information to help educate your audience on your particular procedural niche(s).


Publishing your own, original and unique blog articles will not only inform your readers, but also demonstrate your expertise and position you as a thought leader and local authority on your niche. Plus, the links to each and every individual blog can also be used across social media and over email to help save you time when searching for content to share, but also help ensure your thoughts and insights reach the desired audience.


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