“If You Build It”: Why medical professionals need a marketing plan


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“If you build it, they will come.”

So goes the line from Field of Dreams. Many doctors take this approach when starting their medical practice. They just think they can put up a caduceus sign on a brick and mortar office, and bam! They’ll have loads and loads of patients all waiting for their expert care.

Maybe they’re more in the 21st century and they get that they have to do some stuff online. Fine, they throw together a website with stock photos of attractive doctors and smiling nurses. Doctors might think that’s enough marketing, patients will start flowing in any second now.

Maybe you’re not a new practice, so you think you don’t have to do any marketing or patient outreach. Times are good. Money is flowing. Seems like every day is a great day… That is until you hit a plateau, a lack of phone calls, without knowing why. This causes you to feel a sudden, urgent need to market the practice. In a panic, you spend large sums of money on hastily conceived marketing events. Then you cross your fingers, hoping something sticks.

For fact-oriented, objective clinicians, dentists and doctors too often seem to approach marketing in an emotionally-driven, seat-of-the-pants, subjective manner.

medical practice
medical practice

What is a better approach to marketing your medical practice?

You have to have a plan so that you can “go the distance.”

When you’re trying to market your medical or dental practice, you have to put together a solid plan that hits more than just one type of marketing. For example, you can’t just open a Facebook under your practice name and expect patients to start interacting with you and spreading the word.

You need so many things for a proper digital marketing plan, like:

●    content to post on that Facebook page,

●    more than just that one social media outlet,

●    personable pictures of you and your staff,

●    and even more content about their expertise,

●    a website that draws in views and local patients.

And, most importantly,

●    A consistent message across all these formats that highlights your unique practice and your special skills.

When you’re presenting your practice online, you have to play to your strengths. As a medical professional, you have to be knowledgeable, personable, and trustworthy. A good digital marketing strategy will make sure that you have all of these qualities so that potential patients will call your office instead of some other doctor.

With a solid digital marketing plan tailored for medical professionals, you get to showcase your skills and knowledge of your field. You’ll put your personal spin on things by letting potential patients know about any new equipment or special technology that you use. You’ll become the local expert on all things related to tooth health by doing both of these things, and people will flock to a local expert. You just need a good marketing plan that has all these elements.

Can you do all this marketing yourself? Of course not.

The key to having a solid digital marketing plan for your medical practice is to find professionals who can craft the perfect digital marketing plan for your unique practice in your local area. The problem is that digital marketing is usually very expensive, especially tailor-made plans for medical professionals. There are digital marketing firms that can help you, though. You just have to make sure that the marketing firm will look at your unique practice and help you make a roadmap for your own success online.

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