Build a Successful
Invisible Orthodontics
Niche Practice

With the market size value of $1.4 billion in 2020 and a projected revenue of $6 billion by 2027, the demand for invisible aligners is accelerating at full speed. It’s time for your niche practice to get ahead of the competition.
One Marketing Platform
Unlimited Possibilities
In general, dental practitioners hire agencies to cover their marketing needs. The problem is, agencies come at a very high cost. What’s worse is that you can’t know for sure that the budget you invest is spent wisely. Nichepractice helps you take control of your practice with smart DIY campaigns that are user-friendly, easy to implement, and efficient for your niche and practice. Stay in full control of your ROI!

Here’s how it works

1. Choose the goal you want to achieve for your Invisible Orthodontics niche practice
Are you trying to build awareness around your brand and let the world know more about you? Do you want to increase revenue, improve lead generation? Whatever your goals are, our platform makes the process effortless.
2. Browse for suitable campaigns from our marketplace
Nichepractice has put together over 50 marketing solutions for dental practices. Choose the ones that best match with your selected goal (s). Mix & match for the best results!
3. Launch in minutes
Time is short and we know that! Forget all about wasting time on talking to agencies, and launch your campaign in minutes. Our skilled marketing team will do all the heavy lifting. At every step in the process, you’ll be able to assess campaign performance.

Which option is right for you?

1. Mix & match with A-La-Carte Campaigns
Choose from our 40+ a-la-carte campaigns the ones that best fit your goal (s). Mix & match for the best results, and launch in minutes to help your Orthodontics niche practice get the recognition it deserves.
2. Advanced Digital Marketing Campaigns (6-month plan)
We know you’re busy, and that’s ok. Stay focused on your business, look after your patients, and let us handle the heavy workload. Leverage our integrated digital campaigns, sit back, and enjoy the patient inflow walking into your practice.
3. Do-It-Yourself Marketing Tools
If you’re not ready for complex marketing campaigns just yet, test the potential of our platform with our DIY marketing tools to boost your online reputation. Get more familiar with the power of email & social media for quick and durable results.

Always know what we're up to with your marketing dashboard

We give you full transparency with measurable results. Our platform will let you know and see exactly what content you are getting, where you are starting from and how your marketing plan is put into action.

Become the leader in your niche

As they say in business, to be successful, you have to find that one thing you do best.  So, if you want to increase the number of dental implants you place or become the go-to-expert in your community, nichepractice  gives your the marketing solutions to maximize revenue, attract new patients, position yourself as an expert and achieve both practice and professional success.

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