Create a Profitable

Niche Practice

People want to be treated by the best doctors and by establishing your authority in your field, you are perceived as the best.

7 Profitable Niches To Choose
Think about what you’re best at, what you enjoy doing most for your patients and which niche specialty will bring you the greatest financial return.
dental implants

Fill the Gap in Your Revenue

Due to an aging baby boomer population seeking better alternatives to missing teeth and traditional dentures, the dental implant market has been skyrocketing over the past two decades. But any great opportunity comes with big competition. There are more and more dental practices and dental surgeons offering dental implant services.

Nichepractice allows you to stand out from the crowd by enabling your business to establish the authority and reputation of an expert and become a practice of choice for everyone looking for dental implant procedures.


Put Your Patients at Ease and Increase Profitability

Once a form of dental treatment exclusively for patients needing significant work or with serious concerns, Sedation Dentistry has steadily increased in popularity for those who want a painless, anxiety-free experience in the dental chair. 


A Different Approach. Unmatched Results.

Cosmetic dentistry services continue to grow in popularity, and with it, the need for dentists to work smarter, not harder, to reach their target audience. Knowing who your target audience is, what their specific dentistry goals are, and how to reach them is crucial. 

laser dentistry

Dental Lasers are Hot right now

The growth of dental technology has pushed the laser industry forward in incredible ways. Dental lasers enable dental practices to provide treatment for soft tissue surgery, periodontal treatment and more and can be integrated to take any practice to a new level of patient care.


invisible braces

A Clear Way to Create a Profitable Practice

Orthodontics has come a long way over the years from traditional wire and bracket braces to the advent of popular direct to consumer aligner brands – making for heavy competition on the specialty. 

cad cam

Transform Your Marketing in Minutes

An investment in Cad-Cam equipment is a significant capital expenditure in which the return on investment and benefit to the patient are great. But the competition is stiff and the cost if prohibitive for many newly established or existing practices. Nichepractice allows you to stand out from the crowd by enabling your business to establish the authority and reputation of an expert and become a practice of choice for everyone looking for same day crowns.

sleep apnea

Increase Your Bottom Line and Put the Competition To Bed!

Let’s face it: Millions of people who need OSA treatment are unaware of the oral appliance and device therapies available, and because of it, they are not actively shopping for a dental provider to help them alleviate their problem.  

Why Being Recognized as an Expert in Your Niche is Critical to the Success of Your Practice

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Experts Are More Profitable

People are more likely to listen to the advice of an expert and accept their treatment recommendations.


Experts Face Less Competition

Being unique and meeting patients needs will clearly set yourself apart from your competitors.


People Trust Experts

Everyone wants to work with a doctor who has the reputation, credibility and knowledge of an expert.


Experts Are Sought After

You won’t have to chase clients, they will search you out and come to you.


Other Experts Will Refer To You

Experts are drawn to other experts and that can open the door to offering your services to their patient base.

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Experts Turn Passion Into Profit

How does becoming an expert at something you love to do and earning more money as a result -- sound?


You Don't Need Fancy Credentials to Become an Expert

You’re already a skilled, confident and experienced doctor and you have the education and credentials to prove that. But does that actually make you an expert? The answer is YES.

Being an expert doesn’t mean you need to be smarter or more charismatic than all of your competitors, it is all about positioning and doing more than your competitors do to promote your expertise.

Reach the Clients
Who Matter Most

Maybe you’ve tried some marketing on your own, hired expensive agencies, redesigned your website, and did all the things you were told to do, yet it’s still not working. You have hundreds of agencies to choose from, and we know our unique approach may not be right for every practice, but we believe in what we do and 


​What Can You Expect From Using Nichepractice?