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While nichepractice is the only solution that you can instantly choose and manage your own marketing campaigns with ease, we also include a highly effective, all-in-one  marketing platform for you to manage additional marketing strategies with full control

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Let’s face it: Millions of people who need OSA treatment are unaware of the oral appliance and device therapies available, and because of it, they are not actively shopping for a dental provider to help them alleviate their problem. Reaching them and educating them on alternative OSA therapies through customized marketing campaigns is the crucial first step in targeting this audience.

You can reach OSA patients by utilizing NichePractice’s marketing campaigns to both inform and enlighten potential patients about the benefits of the practice and why you offer the perfect solution for their OSA needs.

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Niche in Minutes

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can access dozens of marketing campaigns to maximize profitability & practice growth. 

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Your campaigns can include email marketing, SEO, social media, reputation management, publicity, and more as tools to drive more people to your website, showcase your expertise, and grow practice profitability. 

No Marketing Experience Required.

Traditionally, doctors have hired consultants and marketing agencies to handle their marketing needs. Now, you or your staff can get an easy to follow blueprint of actionable marketing steps along with complete instructions for implementing them into your practice.

What Stage of Your Marketing Journey Are You At Today?

New To Marketing?

Nichepractice will provide you with sequential monthly marketing campaigns that will cover both basic and advanced marketing concepts. It will be your roadmap to sustain your practice marketing and goals for the next 12 months.

Already Marketing?

Be in control of your own practice marketing by selecting any of our 40 digital marketing campaigns. Complete a single campaign or implement multiple campaigns at once. Reuse your campaigns as often as you like.​

Too Busy? Want the Best Results?

Let our team of experts do it all for you. Get a custom marketing strategy, ready-to-use content, and implementation that will help you with your entire marketing journey.

Do It All For a Fraction of the Price!

Marketing is necessary expense for a thriving practice, but not all marketing methods have to be expensive. Nichepractice will help you reach people actively looking for dental implants at a fraction of the cost of other advertising methods.

The NichePractice Difference

Nichepractice stands out in the crowd because it’s by far the easiest way for doctors to go from knowing nothing about marketing to creating and implementing a sophisticated digital marketing solution for their practice in just minutes. Marketing no longer has to be complicated, expensive, or time consuming in order to achieve profitable, repeatable results.



Up to 80% less expensive than most agencies.


No Contract

Pay by the month. No annual contracts.



All our content and strategy is visible to you.


25+ Years Experience

Our team has been helping doctors for decades.


20 Minutes / Day

Minimal marketing time needed by you or your staff.


Built For Doctors...

By doctors who proved its effectiveness and results.

What Can You Expect From Using Nichepractice?

  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Increase the number of sleep apnea procedures
  • Generate more leads from new prospects
  • Brand yourself as a sleep apnea expert
  • Brand your reputation as an expert in your community
  • Generate immediate short term revenue
  • Get 20-30 new patients per month with a PPC campaign
  • Keep your name top of mind with patients and prospects


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