Build a Profitable Laser Whitening Niche

-Rank your practice in the top position for your niche
-Overcome your competitors
-Get the highest qualified traffic
-More leads call to inquire about your services
-Favorable comments on your site from patients
No Credit Card Required

Market Your Practice Without The Need For Expensive Agencies

Traditionally, doctors have hired consultants and marketing agencies to handle their promotional needs. Now, you can get a prescriptive, here’s-precisely-what-to-do list of the right marketing activities and step-by-step guidance to generate new business and get the most out of your existing clients. 

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Follow Our 12-Month Marketing Checklist

This proven, interactive, action packed marketing checklist is a comprehensive, easy to follow marketing plan for your next year of business. Easy to set up and start in minutes.

Why Not Make Your Own Marketing Choices?

Instead of our 12-month marketing checklist, implement  marketing solutions on your own by choosing any of our 40 practice marketing campaigns and following the step-by-step guide towards achieving your goals.

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Get Your Team Involved

You never know, there might be a facebook expert on your team or someone who loves to blog. If not, anyone can still use our software to implement effective practice marketing tasks with little time or experience. 

Put Our Marketing Platform to Work for Your Practice

Book More Whitening Procedures

  • Educate your clients on whitening using our pre-written email campaigns.
  • Use the social media tools to promote your niche and engage clients.
  • Invite patients to an evening seminar on whitening procedures.
  • Email your audience to let them know about your monthly promotion.

Build Your Reputation as an Expert

  • Know when your customers leave reviews on websites like Yelp or Google.
  • Showcase your positive reviews on your website and social posts.
  • Respond to negative reviews and retain patients

Stand Apart From Your Competition

  • Publish blog content to solidify your experience in teeth whitening.
  • Use the curated content feature to post the latest news and updates.
  • Share a client testimonial each week in your newsletter.

Too Busy? Want the Best Results? Let Our Experts Do It All For You.

Our Done-For-You plan provides the marketing strategy, ready-to-use content, ads and implementation that will help you with your entire marketing journey – from finding and nurturing your patients, delivering your content through digital channels to building your online presence, reputation and web ranking.

Ready to Take Control of Your Financial Future?

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